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    1.   Welcome to visit shandong tongtai group corporation's Official website
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      tel:0633-8285253 8286807
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        The company's marketing service network has spread all over the country, and some products have better market in Europe, Africa and Southeast Asia. In these countries and regions, a number of service agencies have been set up to provide world-class products and after-sales services for the world, so as to achieve product competitiveness through continuous innovation, and drive the continuous innovation and change of "RIJI" industry.
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      電 話:0633-8285253 8286807 傳 真:0633-8285655
      電子信箱:sdttjt@sina.com   sdtt0960@sina.com 
      同泰泵業:0633-8285027/8285573 同泰糧機:0633-8285575/8285648
      壓力容器:0633-8285027/8285573 低壓電器:0633-8286857