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      TTS series single stage double suction centrifugal pumps

      TTS series single stage double suction centrifugal pumps are our company's outstanding hydraulic model, widely absorbing domestic and foreign similar products advanced design and manufacturing technology, according to the actual needs of the domestic market development of new type of double suction centrifugal pumps. The full range of pumps type spectrum within the various models of planning more scientific and reasonable, high lift double suction pumps can replace part of the multi-stage pumps, large flow double suction pumps can replace part of the mixed flow pumps, optimize the matching of the hydraulic size, cavitation and efficiency of both, meet the GB/T19762 energy efficiency evaluation value, to achieve energy saving targets. Structure and re innovation, reliable operation, maintenance convenient, to extend the service life, so that in the open double suction centrifugal pumps to play the best pumps efficiency. In the energy saving and the use of the performance range, a model has two impeller, called standard impeller and narrow impeller, in order to meet the requirements of the use of the most superior condition.

      This product is widely used in the city to drainage, urban water supply, centralized heating system, water supply and drainage; metallurgy of iron and steel enterprises, Sinopec refineries, paper mills, oil, power plant, chemical fiber plant, textile plant, sugar refinery, chemical plant and drainage, factories, mines, fire protection system to water, air conditioning system, water supply, drainage, irrigation, and a variety of hydraulic engineering.

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