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      OS series single stage double suction centrifugal pumps

      OS series pumps axial billing stage double suction horizontal centrifugal pumps, mainly applicable to transport the liquid in the water plant, water circulation in air conditioning, building water supply, irrigation, drainage pumping station, power station, industrial water supply system, fire fighting system, shipbuilding industry, and so on occasion.This type of pumps are the latest in the same product, has the following characteristics:

      1. Compact structure. Adopt the international popular linear design, beautiful appearance, good stability, easy to install.

      2. Running smoothly. The optimum design of double suction impeller, the axial force is reduced to a minimum, and has excellent hydraulic performance of the blade type; shaft is short and good rigidity, vibration is small.

      3. The selection of mechanical seal or carbon fiber packing seal, can guarantee 8000 hours without leakage.

      4. The pumps body according to the need to adopt a double spiral pumps body, radial force is small, wearing a long life.

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