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      IL and ILR(ISG) series single-stage vertical centrifugal pumps

      IL, ILR (ISG) series pumps are  single stage single suction vertical centrifugal pump for conveying water or physical and chemical properties similar to water, not containing solid particles of liquid. Pump is characterized by vertical structure, the inlet and outlet is located at the same level of height, it is very easy for pipeline installation. This series pumps are derivative of the IS type pumps, They¡¯re  also  national energy saving product category. IL type pump flow 6.3-1920 m3/h, head 5-125 m, the distribution of its performance in line with national standards. ILR type hot water pump, can transport 130 ¡æ below the hot water (water).

      The factory produced by IL pump and other domestic manufacturers, but also has the following characteristics:

      1¡¢Pump system the highest working pressure 1.6MPa.

      2¡¢The direction of the inlet and outlet can be adjusted according to 90¡ã¡¢180¡ã¡¢270¡ã .

      3¡¢The use of standard vertical motor, easy to maintain.

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